Gain full control of your maintenance.

Maintenance gives you a complete overview of the maintenance work in your company and control over who is supposed to do what. You can easily bring everyone in the company up to speed concerning for example what oils a certain machine needs and when it needs service. And with everything always available in the cloud you’ll stay in control – no matter where you are.

Introduction to Maintenance

Three key strengths

1. Gain full control

Enter objects into your database, connect them and move them around in a structure that fits your needs. This way, you’ll quickly get an overview of all the things that need maintenance. Set up a working maintenance system by planning, creating structures and monitoring all the costs for your maintenance.

2. Plan your maintenance effectively

When your company needs to conduct recurring maintenance, you have a lot to gain by planning it in a clever way. Maintenance allows you to set up a service order for recurring maintenance, so you always know when it needs to be done and who is doing it. This gives your business not only a working, but also a smart maintenance system.

3. Collaborate with customers and suppliers

Maintenance is designed to facilitate cooperation between partners. Does your business cooperate with, for example, suppliers or customers to get maintenance done? Invite them to use the program and connect their users to the objects they need access to. That way, everyone works according to the same plan, making maintenance efficient.

What can Maintenance do for you?

Areas of use

  • Management system
  • Internal and external service
  • Pre-emptive maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Error reports
  • Stockpile and purchases
  • Work orders

A trusted partner

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